Tuesday, March 31, 2015

55: What a beautiful week

From March 23rd

Finally a real good week in La Esperanza :D The Lord is sure blessing us.
The 'group' at the temple :)

We have been blessed with the Hernandez family. I love them so much. In Ojojona (another part of Honduras outside of our mission) the missionaries found her, and she was married and baptized with her husband in June. They were preparing to be sealed in the temple this year when in february, a gang killed her husband, mistaking him for someone else. She moved her to live with her family, and we found her and now she is part of our ward. The wonderful part is, her family. She now lives here with her parents and sister. They ALL came to church on Sunday and the mom and sister (Amalia and Ingrid) came to the temple with us on Saturday and felt the peace that we can only feel there. The parents have to get married but Ingrid is SO ready. We set a date with her for the 11th of April to be baptized. I have faith that this baptism will go through, it will be my last Saturday here in Esperanza...

hna Juarez and I in divisions in Santa Lucia

Hna Velasquez (I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH) and I in divisions :) i love divisions!! (that's when she goes out and trains other sister missionaries who are not her companion)

The temple was so beautiful Saturday :) So grateful that we have one here in Honduras. 

Also, KATERIN!! Esta mujer es maravillosa. Shes so awesome. Katerin lives with Orfila, a member of the church who is from SAN LUIS!!!! (My other area in the south of Honduras!! :D) But anyway she is 18 and is living here to study. We found her the other day and taught her about the Book fo Mormon and she was like yesss I want to read it! And she read. And came to church on Sunday and is suuuper excited about church. She loved it. The Hernandez family too.

us and our ward mission leader and his assistant :)

HA. ALSO. My chikunguya is sooo much better. There were 2 days this week that I didnt have to take medicine. AND TODAY. TODAY I PLAYED I BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN PLAY SPORTS AGAIN!!!!! And my feet and ankles don't even hurt!!! I am so thankful that I am finally almost better. 

Love you all! :D
love, hermanita steele

me with hna Zwang. Shes a convert from another area but I got to know her around the time she was going to get baptized and she is one of my best friends. She invited me to go to her SEALING in May!!! :D

hna Juarez and I in divisions in Santa Lucia

the family Hernandez and us :)) (Carlos the dad was working)
I LOVE MY LISBETH!!!! hermana castellanos and I worked really hard to reactivate her, and this sunday, she got her first temple reccomend to enter the house of the Lord!!!! I am so happy for her <3<3

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