Tuesday, March 31, 2015

51: Even the dogs wished me a happy birthday

From February 23rd

¡Felíz cumpleaños Hermanita Steele! 

I got bit by a dog. On my birthday. hahaha.... But dont worry its not too bad :p I didn't have to get rabies shots because the evil dog was vaccinated already! yay!! It hurt though.. especially when one señor
(V---'s dad) grabbed a LIME and my leg and just rubbed it on there as hard as he could..... Hondurans have their own methods of health care hahaha
Some cool things this week... We met a Cuban in front of the Cuban Embassy!! He was super excited to receive us but when we went back another Cuban told us that he had an emergency and got sent back to Cuba D: really sad... But another thing..

I taught English in the Dominican Republic Embassy to the Ambassador and two other doctor ladies... :D It was super awesome. I was real nervous but it went really well. I taught with one of the members from my ward. We are going back this week and we are going to try to set up appointments with them to talk about the gospel. I got to tell them in English about my mission and stuff. It was really awesome :D

I talked in church yesterday! It went super well. :D
Other than the dog thing my birthday went really well :) lots of calls from the missionaries in the mission and the Elders in my zone bought me a cake :D and a piñata of Olaf from Frozen :D hermana Carmen made me a cake too :D my ward also did a dinner thing for me after mission correlation and the Martinez family also bought me a cake and a little party.... :D it was a good birthday.
I know that my time here in Esperanza is coming to an end. And Im really sad about that. But... I know Im needed somewhere else. Transfers are the 3 of March. aiwelutablweifaiwelu. Noooo. But okay. I'll be okay. 

Remember -J-- and  -L--- and their family? Well they came to church this week. They have passed many trials but FINALLY they're over, and they are ready to come back to church. They are a family that were baptized with hermana Groll and I. I love them with all my heart.
I love you all! hermanita steele

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