Tuesday, March 31, 2015

50: One Year!!

From February 16th

-V-- is a gift from the heavens! She came to church yesterday for the first time and despite THE WORST RELIEF SOCIETY CLASS EVER she loved church and she already stopped working on Sundays so that she can come. She really wants to be baptized but she still doesn't feel prepared. Her date is March 1st if everything goes well. :) And she is preparing herself for this date. March 3 there are transfers.... So were hoping she is prepared. We are doing our best, doing our part, and she is reading and praying. She is so great. She's stopped drinking alcohol with her friends too!! We had a big lesson with her about the difference between resisting and avoiding temptation. She loved it and now she AVOIDS the bad situations. She first was trying to resist them, but now she just goes home early :D

On Saturday we have the baptism of -R--- :D My companion and I started visiting him and his mother named -A-- L--. She has been inactive for some time. But we started visiting her and teaching -R--- (8 years) and she has been going to church with him for over 3 weeks now. He is the cutest and smartest litle kid and it will be a good day :) They just moved here from the states 2 months ago and so its fun to speak English with -R--- :D -A--- even taught part of the class in Relief Society yesterday :D

My companion and I are super happy because we started visiting the Bishop's father, -R----, who hadn't gone to church in years. We started teaching him with the scriptures that hurt and puncture to the soul and make one want to be better. We have been teaching him about the blessings we can receive for being faithful and the huge consequences if we don't.
The first few lessons, his wife and daughter were like no he's never gonna come to church, he has to change his attitude, he's been like this for years, he's not gonna change now. Oh really. Well he now has two weeks in church, both of them in white shirt and tie. And yesterday he SHAVED HIS BEARD! :D haha this is huge you guys. We helped the bishop's dad get back on his feet and back in church. :D he's so great. He's a big burly man and we don't hold back anything on him, we teach the things how they are.
When we were like Hermano who do you want to say the closing prayer? and he's like, Usted Hermana Steele porque usted tiene las armas!! Haha I guess the translation of that would be You Sister Steele have the weapons!! Or like... I was the one ... okay I don't know how to explain it.... aweiugaewiua I'm having a real hard time talking in English today....
​​So I turn one year in the mission on Thursday..... wut
thats all for now folks!
amor,hermanita steele

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