Tuesday, March 31, 2015

53: how I feel spending half of my mission in one area

From March 9th

I had my clothes packed in my suitcase. My companion was calmly getting ready for the day (calmly is a joke, she is never calm hahaha love her so much) and I thought I would get a head start on packing. I figured after 5 changes here in the Esperanza it was time to go. 
The zone leaders call..... 
IM STILL HERE hahahahaha Im dying. They took out hermana Castellanos to be the mission nurse. Im still here in Esperanza. 6TH CHANGE. that is officially half my mission in the field. ha. what. Good thing I love it here. Even my zone leader was like Hermana Steele we thought the Assistants were joking. we were like, do you know how long she has been in that area???? Oh they know....

My new companions name is Hermana Garcia from El Salvador. Her and I have the same time. She is a new sister training leader so I get to train her how to be one! woo! 

Also I'm her first gringa :D hahah poor thing

The Elders got me an Olaf piñata for my birthday!!!
Big news, after so much time in this area I was like President this area is too big we need Elders. And so we have Elders now in the ward!! The assistants to the President have taken the big rich neighborhood we had. It's nice not to worry about it but Im really sad that I now can't visit a lot of the people I loved visiting :( 
Miracles happen. Does anyone remember "B"? I taught her with Hermana Groll, my trainer, at the beginning of my mission. She was super close to being baptized but didn't pass her interview for some little things. Andddd after that she basically fell into apostasy and didn't want anything and wouldn't let us into the house. WELL SHE CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY AND SAYS SHES READY TO CHANGE AGAIN AND COME BACK AND BE BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!! I just died. She walked in and I jumped up and ran to her and gave her a big gringa hug. I am so happy. 
​Well thats about it. Here are some pictures :D 
love, hermanita steele​

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